TicWatch Pro 3 by Mobvoi Comes with Interesting Features!

In the previous post, we introduced you to a new amazing smartwatch TicWatch Pro 3 by Mobvoi, and gave you the specifications in short.

You can read TicWatch Pro 3: A Sensational Smartwatch by Mobvoi.

In this post, we will be giving you the specifications in detail. This will help you to understand the features in a better way.

Let us go through the specifications one by one.


Design and Display:


TicWatch Pro 3 sports an amazing sporty look that catches the eye of people. The dye is made of Stainless steel and plastic whereas, the watch strap is made of solid silicon. It comes with a dimension of 47x48x12.2mm and weighs approximately 41.9 grams. It also has two buttons on the side for navigation and settings. This device is described by the officials by three words “Lighter, Thinner and Stronger“.


TicWatch Pro 3 comes with Dual-Layer Display version 2.0 (AMOLED and TN display). This means it has a two-layer display screen with a 454*454 resolution. Retina AMOLED is the primary display and the secondary display of TN display. This means that the smartwatch has two modes depending on which display is active. When the AMOLED display is active, the mode is switched to Smart Mode and when the TN display is active, it is switched to Essential Mode.


The smartwatch comes with a 595 mAh rechargeable battery with a USB-A dock for charging. According to the officials, it has a battery life of around 72 hours on a full charge when on Smart Mode (AMOLED display) and 45 days of battery life on Essential Mode (TN display). The battery life is comparatively longer than it’s predecessors. The battery capacity is increased by around 40% than its previous devices.

The dual-layer display optimizes the consumption of battery and gives it a long-lasting run. You can easily toggle between Smart Mode and Essential Mode as you want.

Features and Modes:

This device comes loaded with a lot of amazing features. Let’s explore them one by one.


Processor, OS and UI:

This device runs on Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 4100 Platform which makes it the first-ever smartwatch to run on this processor. It will be running on Wear OS by Google. This device is said to be significantly faster than its previous devices. It also offers improved performance for the CPU, memory, GPU, and battery life. The device comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. You can install many applications and run them smoothly on your smartwatch.


The device comes with Google play for installing many applications such as Spotify, Messenger, Telegram, etc.and use them right from your wrist. It also comes with the Mobvoi application. This application features hundreds of custom watch faces. You can choose whichever suits you or is your favorite amongst them. You can also change the faces whenever you want or according to your needs.


The device is loaded with lots of features such as:

TicHearing: Measures environmental noise between 30dB to 120 dB and alerts you of potential damage to your hearing organs and nervous system.

TicHeath: One place for all performance metrics giving you a high-level breakdown of everything you need, including high-intensity training, breathing, sleep, stress, steps, distance, calories, etc.

TicSleep: Automatically tracking your sleep. Now supported in Essential Mode to save battery life at night and the watch face doesn’t light up in the night in order not to disturb you.

TicZen: Monitors stress by analyzing your HRV (Heart Rate Variability) data and using TicBreathe to bring your stress level back to normal.

TicBreathe: Don’t worry if you’re under too much stress. TicBreathe monitors your heart rate, stress changes and helps you to relax through breathing training sessions.

TicPulse: Accurate heart rate monitoring. Infrared light detection used while sleeping to avoid disturbing your rest.

TicOxygen: Automatically measures blood oxygen saturation 24/7, offering insight into your health.

This device also comprises of multiple workout modes such as Pool Swimming, Yoga, Rowing Machine, etc.


It also has built-in motion tracking, GPS, barometer. Also, It is water and dustproof with an IPX68 rating. So, you can wear this smartwatch on all your adventures and monitor your health and fitness.

(Source: Official site)


As we mentioned in our previous post, TicWatch Pro 3: A Sensational Smartwatch by Mobvoi.; The drawback that we came across that, the smartwatch is a bit pricey. Although the device comes packed with a load of unique and amazing features, it still is a bit pricey for common people. Currently, the device comes in only one color variant that is Shadow Black.

Will the price of the device go down in the coming future? Well, we are not quite sure yet. Let’s see if this happens. If it does, we are very sure that this device will literally run out of stock!

It surely will make a significant change in the smartwatch market if the price of this device goes a little down. Because, as the price of this device goes down, proportionally more and more people will be happy to own this smartwatch.

Will this really happen in the near future? Well, as we always say, only time will tell.

You can visit the official site to know more about this smartwatch.

That’s all for today folks! you can read more about amazing technology and gadgets, please visit our Homepage!

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