Respiray’s Wearable Air Purifiers – The New Way To Breathe Fresh Air

Hola Amigos! How are you doing? This pandemic has really shook us all! right? Damn these years have been a bumpy ride. But I am sure that we all will get this through together. I do believe it. During these times, we came across a very interesting gadget that literally blew our mind! Oh no, I am not kidding! Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing…. Drum rolls please….. Respiray’s Wearable Air Purifiers!!

Respiray’s Wearable Air Purifier

Yes!, Air Purifiers that you can literally wear and carry with you! I must say, the speed at which the technology is evolving is absolutely amazing! Remember that quote that we have been hearing since our childhood?
Time and Tide wait for none“. I guess in 21st century, there is a little change in this quote now. I think it is “Time, Tide and Technology wait for none!” haha! true isn’t it?

Alright, coming back to the gadget let’s not get carried away now.


Respiray’s Wearable Purifiers are available in two classic colors Light and Black (As shown in above image).

Respiray, Estonian EdTech company has launched one of the most innovative gadget ever! Wearable Air Purifiers!

What are Respiray’s Wearable Air Purifiers?

These air purifiers are a wearable UV air purifiers that create a clean air zone around the wearer’s face. UV air purifiers! can you believe it? Amazing right? Who thought that we will be able to purify air using UV light. Moreover, who would have thought that there will be a gadget that we will be able to wear around our neck and breathe purified air? This innovative technology is what makes these purifiers so unique!

The ergonomic and comfortable design sits on your shoulders and doesn’t cover your face or mouth, allowing you to breathe, smile and speak freely. Thus replacing traditional face masks that hides your pleasant smile. No More Face Masks! This air purifier has so much potential that it can easily replace the traditional face masks. Moreover, it is also much more efficient in terms of protecting yourself from harmful virus, bacteria, fungi etc.

A person can breathe effortlessly, and other people see the facial expressions of the user.

Respiray Co-Founder and COO Robert Arus told Springwise.

The idea behind bringing this innovation was, people would be able to feel comfortable and behave naturally when wearing this device. Also, people will be able to communicate better. Because they will be able to breathe effortlessly and see facial expression of the user.

How does this device work?

The device takes in unfiltered air and runs it through their patent-pending UV disinfection model and blows purified air to the front of the wearer’s face. The device purifies 55 litres of air every minute. This is up to 4 times more than an average resting adult consumes. The air purifier comes with an attachable face shield to give extra protection when moving and against direct coughs and sneezes.

UV-C light is a reliable and effective way to inactivate bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. Its germicidal properties have been known for over 100 years, but this is the first time it’s been built into a wearable air purifier. UV-C light inactivates bacteria and viruses by making them unable to multiply by damaging their DNA and RNA. With a sufficient UV-C dose, they become harmless to humans.

The patent-pending UV-C disinfection module has been tested in the University of Lodz and the University of Tartu, where it achieved over 99% efficiency.

In simple terms:

Let us put it in simple words for you. The device that you will be wearing on your shoulder? Yes, the ones colored black and white, They have small openings at the bottom that takes in the air. Later, this air goes through UV disinfection module that disinfects the air. Furthermore, the device that sits on your shoulder and close to your nose, blows purified air from the top to the front of your face, thus, giving you purified air to breathe. It is that simple!

The noteworthy thing here is, their UV disinfection module has 265nm UV- C disinfecting LEDs that eliminates over 99% of virus and bacteria! That is really amazing!

Still confused? Perhaps this video from Respiray will help you understand better. Also, we would recommend you guys to subscribe them. This will help you to be updated with more news and tips on how to use the air purifier and also when will it be available to the world. Well, we have subscribed them already!

Device Specifications:


Respiray’s Wearable Air Purifier- Light

Product Dimensions and weight: 225x310x95 mm and 450 g (Main unit), 500 g (Battery unit).

Battery and Charging: Li-ion battery, 5000mAh, charging unit- 12V DC, 3A max and Charging time- 0-100% in approx 5 hours.

Technology: UV-C disinfection (LED 265 nm).

Airflow rate: 25~55 litres/min with 2 Radial fans.

Warranty: 2 years.

Included in the package:


Respiray’s Wearable Air Purifiers package contents


Respiray’s Wearable Air Purifier is one of a kind innovative product and will prove to be a boon during this pandemic situation. This will solve common problem that we are facing like traditional face masks that make us uncomfortable.

However, the only thing that we need to look for, is the pricing. Currently, this product is available in selected countries of Europe with pricing of €279. It will be interesting to see how the pricing gets on when it will be made available to the rest of the world.

If you need to know more about this product, you can visit their official site. You will find their research and other details available along with FAQs in their site including their blogs that highlights multiple topics such as How can UV Disinfection Fight against Viruses?

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for more amazing posts!

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