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Wireless earbuds have been a trending innovative attraction in today’s world. Earbuds are small in size and they are more reliable and easy to carry on the go. But the problem with such wireless earbuds is their size and charge and often has a high risk of getting misplaced.

The company name AIPOWER overlooked this problem. They came up with an amazing solution, WEARBUDS. As AIPOWER tagline says “smart innovation make difference”. WEARBUDS actually proves it. The company has designed WEARBUDS in such a way that fitness bands and earbuds are designed together as one. Surely a revolutionary design.

Source: WEARBUDS official site.

Design and Features:

The earbuds can be stored and charged inside a fitness band. The problem of carrying case for earbuds and their charging has been easily solved by this. It has on wrist charging which makes it easy to charge our earbuds. The earbuds have a maximum of 5.5 hours battery life and around 1 hour of charging time. The wrist band supports IPX5 water resistance and earbuds support IPX6 water resistance which makes WEARBUDS a completely waterproof and sweatproof device.



The earbuds have good quality sound and also has effective noise isolation. You can also attend calls using this device since it has an in-built mic and has in-built Bluetooth 5.0. Hifi sound security is provided by this device. The maximum operating range of earbuds is 50ft/15m.

WEARBUDS earbuds


The wristband for Wearbuds has a display of 0.96 inches TFT touchscreen. The wristband also acts as a fitness tracking band. It can track your heart rate one of the useful features and also you can use it while you’re working out to calculate calories burned, distance covered, Pedometer, and floors with the help of a 7-axis accelerometer sensor, heart rate sensor, and vibration motor. Like other bands, it also has an alarm clock and has in-built Bluetooth 4.2. The wristband has a charging time of 1.5 hours which can last up to 7 days. The maximum operating range of wristband is 33ft/10m.


Variants and Colors:

WEARBUDS comes in 4 variants. Lite, Standard, Limited edition, and Discovery variants.

  • The lite variant is only available in matte black
  • The standard variant is available in 3 color Glossy white, Shinny white, Shinny black.
  • The limited variant is available in 2 color edition Shinny mint, Shinny coral
  • The discovery variant is only available as transparent band

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