Want to Save the Frustration of inflating Flat Tyres? RideAir is here!

Introducing RideAir, what looks like a small bottle with a straw installed at the top closed with a lid, but is one of the most innovative, portable, handful, simple to use gadgets while traveling.

RideAir is a small portable refilling air canister that you can use in case of a flat tyre while traveling. It is reusable. So, if the container gets empty by chance, you can simply fill the air from the top nozzle by attaching a standard pump and it is all ready for use.

RideAir inflates your bicycle tyre by releasing the compressed air from the canister just at the push of a button. The full can is enough to fill two road or cyclocross tyres. The hose is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves (bike and bicycle tubeless tyres). When not in use, the hose pipe could be neatly attached in the circle section gap that is provided on the container body.

RideAir eliminates the hard work and frustration of filling the air in a flat tyre all by yourself by pumping for a long long time. It refills your tyre in no time at just the push of a button.

The RideAir container is designed in a unique way. It easily fits in the bottle cage provided by the bicycle. It is a bit heavier than the mini pump. RideAir weighs around 450g and holds up to 230psi of air. If you are having a bicycle having a tubeless tire? This is a top-notch handy gadget that you need to carry with you. The best part is, you won’t ever regret the decision to add this gadget in your collection.

For more information on RideAir and their distributors, you can visit RideAir official website. Also, to know more about new technology gadgets, you can visit our website Homepage.

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