SunTable: Innovative Multipurpose Table that can change the Lifestyle

Today’s generation is getting more inclined towards using clean and sustainable energy sources. One such source is solar energy. The solar energy is available everywhere for free of cost. This bought a big change in technology innovations, and gadgets that run on solar energy was invented. Since then many new innovations in this field took place and many industries started investing in solar innovative gadgets.

The latest innovation that caught the attention of the world was a multipurpose table that runs on solar energy which can be used indoor as well as outdoor, and equipped with multiple features such as wireless and USB charging, Bluetooth speaker, shaded shelf.

People, let us introduce you to one of the most amazing innovations- SunTable.

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SunTable image

This table is not like your traditional household table but a feature-packed gadget disguised as a table. It is very difficult to carry multiple gadgets everywhere like chargers, speakers, power banks, etc. Not only that, but it is also very difficult to find charging slots if your device runs out of charge while you are outdoors. This bought the idea for the innovation of a new table that comprises everything.

SunTable is a solar-powered table with wireless charging for your mobile device. Plus, with built-in Bluetooth speakers with sound by JBL, you can enjoy 360 degrees of sound.


The main attractive feature is that SunTable is solar powered. It has inbuilt solar panels that charge the batteries of the table. So you do not need to keep looking for a charging slot to charge your table’s battery as it gets charged by solar energy!

Solar Panel at the top

SunTable features wireless charging for smartphones, tablets, etc. In case if your device does not support wireless charging, SunTable also provides a USB charging feature. That resolves the issue of finding the charging slots for your device as this table has both USB and wireless charging features.

Source: The Verge

Another stunning feature of SunTable is it has In-built Bluetooth speakers. SunTable provides 360 degrees of sound by one of the most trusting and top-class companies JBL.

360 degrees sound JBL Bluetooth speaker

SunTable has a shaded shelf that protects your smartphone from direct sunlight when used outdoor.

Shaded Shelf

…it makes life just a little bit better. And really, What higher praise can you give a gadget?


The image below shows all the other physical features :

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